The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach

With the astounding statistic that 1 in 4 children in Horry County faces hunger daily, we initiated the Children's Hunger Initiative Program (CHIP) with the support of the Chapin Foundation.

The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach was started in 1992 to address hunger in our area. Today the Community Kitchen continues this mission to provide free hot, nutritious meals to
anyone who is hungry and to work to eliminate hunger in our local community.

The Community Kitchen serves the working poor, families and children, veterans, senior citizens, transients, homeless, and the physically and mentally challenged. We are proud to have continued this tradition for more than 27 years, welcoming our guests who are from all walks of life.

In 2017 our mission in addressing hunger expanded to address childhood hunger in our community. This is our 3rd Summer of providing nutritious lunches and afternoon snacks and drinks to children in need. The Children’s Hunger Initiative Program (CHIP) goal is to provide children with the proper nutrition to help them grow healthy in body and mind.

The Chapin Foundation has made it possible for us to continue and expand our feeding programs and our work to eliminate hunger in our local community.