Simeon B. Chapin was a visionary in planning for the future of a vibrant life in Myrtle Beach. The creation of the Chapin Foundation ensured that his passion for serving all the citizens of the Myrtle Beach area would live on.

In 1943, Simeon Brooks Chapin (1865-1945) established four philanthropic foundations where he and his wife, Elizabeth Mattox Chapin had homes. These beneficiary communities are Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois (The Chapin May Foundation); Southern Pines, North Carolina; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The oversight of these individual foundations is by local Trustees and Boards of Advisors. Since 1943, grant making to the churches, public hospitals and libraries, charities, and the YMCA has been in excess of $20,000,000.

The original members of the Myrtle Beach Chapin Foundation were: Simeon Brooks Chapin, Howell Bellamy, Sr., Dan Nance, Col. H.B. Springs, and James Bryan. All were local, successful businessmen and leaders in the young but growing Myrtle Beach community.

Simeon B. Chapin
Chapin Library Newspaper Announcement

The Chapin Memorial Library is an historic resource for the literary and intellectual concerns for the local citizens and Myrtle Beach visitors. The first x-ray machine for the publically supported Ocean View Hospital was purchased by The Chapin Foundation. (This hospital was replaced by Grand Strand Hospital.) Many local churches have been assisted with building construction, capital improvements and their community programs.

Mr. Chapin was a visionary in planning for the future of a vibrant life in Myrtle Beach. His passion for serving all the citizens in Myrtle Beach is evident in the areas of focus he provided for: the YMCA, literary enrichment, health and wellness, and charitable work. This work began modestly, but these have blossomed to enrich the lives of untold citizens and visitors enjoying this beautiful location.

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