Board & Staff

The Board of Advisors are stewards of Simeon B. Chapin’s legacy for a vibrant Myrtle Beach. The Board meets quarterly to review grant proposals and to identify opportunities to most effectively fulfill the Foundation’s mission.

Board of Advisors


E. Lawton Benton

“We are blessed as a community to have had a man like Simeon Chapin that provided for this foundation to improve the lives of everyone in Myrtle Beach. Not lucky… blessed.”

Vice Chairman

Edwin Hinds

“Very few people have the kind of vision that Mr. Chapin had; and not just the vision, but the will to make that vision a reality.”


Albert Springs, IV

“It is amazing the number of people who have benefited from the Chapin Foundation since 1943. We are very fortunate that Mr. Chapin had the vision and desire to help the Myrtle Beach area for years to come.”

Board Member

Carolynn Chapin Lund

“I feel so blessed as a member of the Chapin family to see first hand the positive impact this organization has had on the community.”

Board Member

Jan Conrad

“Simeon Chapin’s call to philanthropy has been heralded in our community for many years. His benevolent spirit inspires me and I am thrilled to be part of an organization that continues to bless and to serve.”


Executive Director

Tory Mackey

“I am honored to serve The Chapin Foundation and to continue the tradition of faith and generosity that has blessed the Myrtle Beach community since 1943.”

Grants Manager

Annie Schiffmacher

“I have had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing the impact of the Chapin Foundation in the community of Myrtle Beach since my family moved here almost ten years ago. I am eager to join the team and support the mission, ministry, and legacy Mr. Chapin envisioned for the Foundation for years to come.”

Wall Fellows Internship

In 2022, the Chapin Foundation established an Internship with Coastal Carolina University’s Wall Fellows Program. The student selected for this internship will participate in the Foundation’s grantmaking process by interacting with the local nonprofit community, contributing to the application and selection of grantees, and helping to promote the work of the Foundation’s grantees through participation in community events, volunteer opportunities and directing social media and communications efforts.

The Wall Fellows program is a unique and highly selective recognition of CCU’s future business and civic leaders. The Foundation is pleased to partner with these talented young people and hopes to foster a new generation of Philanthropists.


2023-2024 Intern

Jensen Bolich