Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Claude M. Epps, Jr.

Claude M. Epps, Jr. Board Chairman

Simeon B. Chapin has taught us what generosity can accomplish. We should try to follow his example.

Howell V. Bellamy, Jr.

Howell V. Bellamy, Jr. Board Member

The Chapin Foundation has done immeasurable good for the Myrtle Beach community!

E. Lawton Benton

E. Lawton Benton Board Member

We are blessed as a community to have had a man like Simeon Chapin that provided for this foundation to improve the lives of everyone in Myrtle Beach. Not lucky… blessed.

Ruth Gore

Ruth Gore Board Member

So thankful that Mr. Chapin had the foresight to establish these foundations in the cities where he lived. It has been a pleasure to serve on this board. So many lives have been touched by his graciousness.

Edwin Hinds

Edwin Hinds Board Member

Very few people have the kind of vision that Mr. Chapin had; and not just the vision, but the will to make that vision a reality.

Albert Springs, III

Albert Springs, III Board Member

It is amazing the number of people who have benefited from the Chapin Foundation since 1943. We are very fortunate that Mr. Chapin had the vision and desire to help the Myrtle Beach area for years to come.

Carolynn Chapin Lund

Carolynn Chapin Lund Board Member

I feel so blessed as a member of the Chapin family to see first hand the positive impact this organization has had on the community.


Tory Mackey

Tory Mackey ~ Executive Director

I am honored and privileged to serve The Chapin Foundation and to continue the tradition of faith and generosity that has blessed the Myrtle Beach community since 1943.