Impact Ministries

Impact Ministries

A mission of Victory Baptist Church

IMPACT Ministries of Myrtle Beach is a 501 C-3 organization (27-2059806) that focuses on bringing volunteer teams to the Grand Strand area to serve. Our work here has its roots going back to the late 1950’s serving in the camp grounds and throughout our community. We became involved with Horry County Emergency Management in 2005. Our vision has been consistent, but we have changed names a few times over these 65+ years to better fit our vision and as our former managing organizations changed too. (Grand Strand Ministries, Intracoastal Outreach, and now IMPACT Ministries) In 2010, we became IMPACT Ministries of Myrtle Beach, operating independently from any specific denomination, but under the direction of our board members.

We operate under an advisory board of local church pastors, community leaders, and business owners. The IMPACT mission is to influence those who live, work and play in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand with the life-changing love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our vision is to creatively share Christ with people, minister to their needs, assist in planting them in local churches, and help grow the Church through providing intentional mission involvement. The goals of IMPACT include evangelism, ministry, and growth. Our desire is to meet people where they are, care for their needs, and share the hope of Christ. The activities of IMPACT should assist in the growth of the church body, and encourage each person to become disciples actively involved in a local fellowship of believers.

IMPACT Ministries works alongside partnering churches both in the county and from all over the USA in providing volunteer work and ministry throughout the Grand Strand community. For many years we have hosted day camps in local housing developments in low-income communities in addition to campgrounds with our church partners. When disasters hit the Grand Strand, we mobilize guest church groups to help in coordinated efforts with other non-profits and the county’s National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) efforts. Going forward, our retreat/ministry center will be able to accommodate lodging for these 100 volunteers and disaster agencies. Every ministry effort’s desire is to meet needs, assist the local church, and provide development and care in the communities God has placed us in to serve.

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The Chapin Foundation has made a lasting impact on our community by providing funding to remodel our facility. We purchase this property 2 years ago and now we are able to host volunteer teams up to 100 people to come and stay at our facility and volunteer to serve throughout our great City of Myrtle Beach.