Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach

“We seek to provide our clients short-term assistance with long-term impact.”


Hours of Operation- Monday - Friday
By phone 8:15 am - 4:15 pm
Lobby: 9 am - 4 pm
*We ask that new clients be signed in by 3:30 pm and returning clients by 3:45 pm. 

Physical Address:

1411 Mr. Joe White Avenue, Unit B 
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Executive Director: Tracy Gardner

Fax: 843-448-8452

Phone: 843-448-8451


Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach

A mission of First United Methodist Church

Started in 1971 by several local churches, Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach has been faithfully serving the Myrtle Beach community for over 50 years. Our organizational goal is to assist individuals and families with immediate, short-term needs such as food, rent, utilities, and other specialized services, which if not met, would threaten an individual’s or family’s stability.

Services include:

Emergency Food
We provide five days of emergency food, along with hygiene items if requested, to individuals and families experiencing short-term needs.

Our agency assists with utilities. These services are limited. To discuss utilities, the client must have a copy of the utility bill.

Our agency assists with rent. These services are limited. To discuss rent, the client must have an annual lease and a letter from the landlord showing the client owes rent.

Our agency helps clients in crisis with their transportation needs. These services are limited.

Our agency helps clients with prescription co-pays.

Our agency can assist with obtaining a South Carolina ID.

SC Thrive Benefits Screening
Through SC Thrive, our agency screens clients (by appointment only) to determine the benefits they are eligible for.

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