Children’s Bible Story Books in Every Home


P.O. Box 51593
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Children’s Bible Story Books in Every Home

A mission of First Baptist Church

We raise donations, purchase, and deliver books.  Our Board of Directors is made up of many denominations – Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Messianic Jewish Fellowship, and Presbyterian. We are all volunteers and donate the use of our cars and homes as well as contributions. We have no salaries.  We have very few bills such as Secretary of State Fee, post office box, website, and stamps.  Other materials are all donated. Our CPA, and technology people donate their time.

We order two books from two publishers and receive a 50 to 55 percent discount.  Therefore, each dollar donated buys $2 worth of books.  We use the USA media mail and ship the books by the case to a board member’s home in that area.  Then we have a work party in their home and process the books.  We put a label in each book and a letter to parents.  Members of the board and friends deliver the books to childcare centers, churches, food kitchens, or other groups needing books for children.  We have no warehouse or office.

God is supplying all of our needs. So far, we have raised over $100,000 since we opened our nonprofit organization, and we have donated over 8,000 books costing $9 for one and $15 for the other.  The books sell retail for $17 and $21.  We have a very good record for stretching our dollars.

Our Goal is to get some people in all areas to take on the responsibility of placing books in their areas to help us reach the USA with Bible Story Books in Every Home.

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