Chapin Academy

Session 1

Grant Application Q&A

How long do we have to fill out our grant final report?

You will receive an automated email with the deadline. Most receive emails for reports are past due. If that is the case, that is a sign to get it done then.

We may be applying for capital needs grant for a $30,000 renovation. What do we need to have set up before applying? Do we need other investors, or would the Foundation consider funding the entire grant or going 50/50?

We can talk about it. We have granted those requests in the past, but if it’s an entire building project, we may want to have other partners involved. This also depends on the timing but go ahead and apply for what you need!

For a building project, do you need to see three competitive bids before applying?

Do your due diligence beforehand. We trust your judgement! Come to us with what you think is the best for your organization.

Do I need a new sponsorship letter from my church sponsor each grant?

Yes, we need to hear from that senior pastor every time you apply. We want to know that they are aware and supportive of what you are doing.

Is a review of an audit or one done every other year suitable for the application process?

Yes. A review is sufficient.  If you do not have access to an audit, we can talk about other good representations of your financial situation.

There is a capital need for my program/project. Which type of grant should I apply for?

Capital needs grant application

If there are any questions about the grant application system, who do we contact?

You can email Annie Schiffmacher at All contact information is on our website.

Social Media Q &A

We would love to brag about the Chapin Foundation on social media. How transparent can we be about grant amounts on Instagram?

We would prefer you not to disclose the amount of the grant you were awarded, but we would love for you to celebrate us on social media!

Many organizations allow access to their logos to use on our website and social media.

Our logo is new! We would love for you to use it on your website and social media.

Can the Chapin Foundation post information about our renovations and important fundraisers?

Yes! If it meets our posting criteria, we would be happy to promote your projects and events.

What is the name of your Facebook page?

We just created one. We are The Chapin Foundation on Facebook.

Can we share local news stories about our organization with you?

Yes! We would love to see anything that you deem relevant to the work you are doing.

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