Making A Difference

The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach

The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach was started in 1992 to address hunger in our area. Today the Community Kitchen continues this mission to provide free hot, nutritious meals to
anyone who is hungry and to work to eliminate hunger in our local community.

The Community Kitchen serves the working poor, families and children, veterans, senior citizens, transients, homeless, and the physically and mentally challenged. We are proud to have continued this tradition for more than 27 years, welcoming our guests who are from all walks of life.

In 2017 our mission in addressing hunger expanded to address childhood hunger in our community. This is our 3rd Summer of providing nutritious lunches and afternoon snacks and drinks to children in need. The Children’s Hunger Initiative Program (CHIP) goal is to provide children with the proper nutrition to help them grow healthy in body and mind.

The Chapin Foundation has made it possible for us to continue and expand our feeding programs and our work to eliminate hunger in our local community.

With the astounding statistic that 1 in 4 children in Horry County faces hunger daily, we initiated the Children's Hunger Initiative Program (CHIP) with the support of the Chapin Foundation.

Children’s Recovery Center

The Children’s Recovery Center is the child advocacy center for Horry and Georgetown Counties. The mission of the Children’s Recovery Center is to provide forensic medical exams, forensic interviews, effective advocacy and education to children who are victims of sexual assault, physical assault and other kinds of neglect and maltreatment.

We work with our community partners on behalf of these children to minimize the trauma they go through while recounting traumatic events that have robbed them of a happy childhood. The average age of the sexual assault victim we see is 9 years old. Many have sexually transmitted diseases as a result of one or numerous sexual assaults.

With the help of the Chapin Foundation we proudly provide all services free of charge to children and their non-offending caregivers.

Community Outreach and education is also a vital part of what we do. We believe it is important to talk about child abuse and raise awareness in the hope that somewhere you can help a child abuse victim who needs you by not letting it be a secret.

In 2018 we saw a record number of 387 children and in 2019 we will see over 400 victims of sexual assault, physical assault and other kinds of neglect and maltreatment. The Chapin Foundation helps us provide these services Free of Charge.

FPC Missions

One of the goals of the First Presbyterian Church of Myrtle Beach is to share and live out our Christian faith through our words and actions. In this past year, adults from our church were able to provide much needed repairs to the home of a single mother in the Bahamas and our students were able to show God’s love to appreciative communities in both Denver and Charlotte. We are so grateful to the Chapin Foundation for the ways they empower our church to foster a love of missions within our congregation and inspire people to mirror the grace that God has given to us.

With support from the Chapin Foundation, our adults and students were able to act on opportunities to care for the needs of others with compassion as representatives of Christ’s church.

The Lineta Pritchard Pottery Studio
at the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum

The mission of the Lineta Pritchard Pottery Studio (est. 2018) is to provide a safe and welcoming space for students of all skill levels to create in clay – from start to finish – including monthly art therapy classes for adults with disabilities and local veterans.

The Studio includes six pottery wheels, an area for hand-building, stations for glazing and cleaning and a kiln room. With small and intimate class sizes, instructors provide students of all levels of experience with one-on-one attention, working with them to enhance their technical strengths and improve their developing techniques. Both wheel throwing and hand-building (i.e., pinching, coiling and slab-building) classes are offered on an on-going basis. Afternoon, evening and weekend classes are offered. Open studio hours are also available for registered students. Class cycles begin every six weeks and on-line registration is available.

The mission of the Lineta Pritchard Pottery Studio (est. 2018) is to provide a safe and welcoming space for students of all skill levels to create in clay – from […]

YMCA of Coastal Carolina

This year, thanks to the help of The Chapin Foundation, Maryanne, a woman in her 70s, found better health, a support group, and fellowship in the YMCA’s LiveStrong Cancer Survivorship Program. Christian, a 3-year-old boy, fostered a love for learning and came close to being Kindergarten ready and began early literacy skills to keep him reading on grade level in the future. Lily, an 8-year-old girl, learned to swim, allowing her a lifetime of safety in and around water and discovered an interest in STEM, expanding her future employment possibilities during summer camp. These examples are only a few showing the amazing impact The Chapin Foundation has made possible at the YMCA.

We have been able to grow in ways that will have a lasting impact on the people we serve and the community as a whole. No longer will residents have few options to improve their wellness, expand their educational opportunities, or strengthen their family values through togetherness. Because of our partnership with The Chapin Foundation, the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA provides everyone in the community with easy access to the services they need. You have allowed positive development in the lives of those we serve and give them, and us, an opportunity to thrive. Truthfully, we could not do this without you. We, and those we serve, sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Our partnership has implemented innovative initiatives in health, wellness, youth development, and social responsibility that will echo throughout the Myrtle Beach community for years to come.