Chapin Memorial Library Teen Makerspace

Chapin Memorial Library provides our diverse population with access to information, ideas and experiences, enriches the quality of life through the promotion of reading and life-long learning, and strengthens our community by offering the space, technology, and opportunity to gather and connect.

The library’s newest service expansion is the Teen Makerspace made possible by the Chapin Foundation. The Makerspace is a center for making and collaborating where creativity and self-expression is encouraged through an array of tools. The Makerspace includes crafts, circuitry, coding, engineering, 3-D printing, vinyl cutting, digital editing and more. This teen space is a place where formal and informal learning come together to provide teens with a relaxed platform for problem-solving, communication and teamwork – all necessary skills for future career paths. These resources are free to use and available to any teen visiting the library. This is not only a fun space but also a tool for the library to introduce and support new and traditional literacies in our community.

“We are immensely grateful for the Chapin Foundation’s long history of support for Chapin Memorial Library. Our residents have benefited from collaborations facilitated by the Foundation as well as enhanced library collections and technology. We are excited to expand the types of literacy resources and educational opportunities we offer our Myrtle Beach community.” Jennifer Nassar Director of Chapin Memorial Library

Coastline Women’s Center (Christ United Methodist Church)

Coastline Women’s Center is a nonprofit Pregnancy Medical Clinic serving all of Horry County. Our goal is simply to assist women facing unplanned pregnancies and throughout pregnancy into the early stages of parenting by providing Biblical services that educate and transform their lives to build healthier, stronger families.

All our services are free and confidential and include: Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasound Exams, and Counseling as well as our Parenting Program – Earn While You Learn, Abigail’s Closet, and Abortion Recovery. We also offer a range of Bible Studies and Mentorship Programs to disciple our clients.

Coastline Women’s Center has served more than 2000 clients since we opened our doors in 2013. In addition to a Conway location, with support from The Chapin Foundation, Coastline Women’s Center is now proudly serving the Myrtle Beach area.  Myrtle Beach celebrated its Grand Opening in October and has already welcomed 61 new clients through its doors. Coastline Women’s Center strives to turn “at-risk families” into thriving families.

“By the overwhelming support of The Chapin Foundation, Coastline Women’s Center has been able to provide much needed support to the mothers, babies, and families of the Myrtle Beach area. We see positive results daily through the lives of our clients and for that we are extremely grateful.” Jeannie Scott Smith, LPTA Founder/CEO

YMCA of Coastal Carolina

This year, thanks to the help of The Chapin Foundation, Maryanne, a woman in her 70s, found better health, a support group, and fellowship in the YMCA’s LiveStrong Cancer Survivorship Program. Christian, a 3-year-old boy, fostered a love for learning and came close to being Kindergarten ready and began early literacy skills to keep him reading on grade level in the future. Lily, an 8-year-old girl, learned to swim, allowing her a lifetime of safety in and around water and discovered an interest in STEM, expanding her future employment possibilities during summer camp. These examples are only a few showing the amazing impact The Chapin Foundation has made possible at the YMCA.

We have been able to grow in ways that will have a lasting impact on the people we serve and the community as a whole. No longer will residents have few options to improve their wellness, expand their educational opportunities, or strengthen their family values through togetherness. Because of our partnership with The Chapin Foundation, the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA provides everyone in the community with easy access to the services they need. You have allowed positive development in the lives of those we serve and give them, and us, an opportunity to thrive. Truthfully, we could not do this without you. We, and those we serve, sincerely appreciate your generosity.

“Our partnership has implemented innovative initiatives in health, wellness, youth development, and social responsibility that will echo throughout the Myrtle Beach community for years to come.” Patricia Tuite Membership and Marketing Director

All Nations Café (Seacoast Vineyard Church)

Every summer approximately 4000+ international university students from about 50 nations fill our Grand Strand. They come from all over the world as part of a program called ‘Work & Travel USA’. Four years ago Seacoast Vineyard Church and Impact Ministries started the All Nations Café to give these students a free and safe place to hang out, make friends from around the world, receive a free meal and use free internet to communicate with their families back home. With the support of The Chapin Foundation, we have been able to grow and expand this ministry dramatically. With upgrades to our building, 1,600+ students come for the International Student Orientation Program to hear about safety issues (water safety, bike safety, banking, human trafficking, etc.). We have been able to expand from one room serving 50 students a night, to the use of the entire building, reaching 280+ students a night. With the purchase of commercial size kitchen appliances, we are able to feed this large number of students and 100+ volunteers. The purchase of a Storage Unit has allowed us to start a Bike Ministry in which we are able to collect and rent inexpensive bikes to more than 100 students each summer. We have also been able to purchase outdoor recreation equipment that allows for outdoor activity for the students.

“With the help of The Chapin Foundation and the capital improvements they helped us realize, we have been able to impact the lives of young leaders from around the world while sharing the life-changing good news of Christ.” Christy Morris Family Life & Outreach Pastor