YMCA of Coastal Carolina

In South Carolina, nearly 2 out of 5 adults have high blood pressure, otherwise known as the ‘silent killer’. Often without symptoms, it significantly increases the chances of stroke and heart disease. Because of our partnership with the Chapin Foundation, the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA has implemented an evidence based chronic disease management and prevention program called ‘Blood Pressure Self Management’. Certified Health Coaches meet with participants over the course of 4 months to help coach behavior changes around physical activity, nutrition, and improved self awareness through self monitoring. In its first year, 73% of participants in the program reduced their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. One success story is James, a Firefighter and hero who helped rescue victims in the 911 tragedy. After years of inactivity and improper diet, he was diagnosed as hypertensive. He didn’t know where to turn and could not seem to change the behaviors he had adopted over the last 15 years. One night, he saw the Y on the news and stopped in to see about the program. Through conversation, support, education, and small and sustainable changes to his diet and lifestyle, James’ blood pressure went from borderline hypertension crisis levels, to safe and controlled with improvements every day. He has modified his diet, learned to have fun while exercising, joined a supportive community, and is well on his way to leading a long and healthy life. James said, “I was afraid I was going to die. The Y has given me hope!”

“Our long-time partnership with the Chapin Foundation has given us the opportunity to strengthen our community.”
Matt Dempski Chief Executive Officer

Mt. Olive AME Church

Mt. Olive AME Church is blessed to have the support of The Chapin Foundation. Our church motto speaks of tending to and developing the physical, spiritual and social needs of all people. The generous support of The Chapin Foundation has allowed us to do just that. Through encouragement, relationships and grant funding, Mt. Olive is able to serve church members and community members in various ways. The doors of Mt. Olive swing on “welcome hinges”. There is a spirit of togetherness, unity and love throughout the church and community. I truly believe that God has placed Mt. Olive in the path of The Chapin Foundation for a reason. The Chapin Foundation has influenced and encouraged us to “have a mind to work”. With assistance from The Chapin Foundation, we have upgraded our public address system, parsonage and other facilities. We were also able to purchase some much needed tables and chairs for the fellowship hall. The Mt. Olive church bus is a prize possession for the church and the community. Our bus can now be preserved because of Chapin Foundation grant funds that will allow us to house the bus in a shelter and keep it safe and out of the elements. The generosity of The Chapin Foundation, through its grant, is allowing our children to be introduced to 21st century through technology at their church. We are installing a projector and screen that will be connected to the internet in the room used by the teenagers who attend Church School. This will provide “state of the art” teaching and training and in an exciting environment conducive for learning.

“The support of The Chapin Foundation has better equipped Mt. Olive to accomplish its mission – “feed the hungry, clothe the naked and cheer the fallen”. Words cannot express our gratitude and gratefulness to such an outstanding organization for caring and sharing with us. God is doing a mighty work through The Chapin Foundation. Mt. Olive AME Church, especially the youth, and the community it serves have truly been increased.”
Ricarldo "Ricky" Washington Project Coordinator

Chapin Library - Reach Out & Read

The Reach Out and Read Myrtle Beach initiative is now reaching over 6,000 children under the age of 5 in over 12,000 well child visits annually. Chapin Foundation’s critical investment through its impact grant is providing our 3 Myrtle Beach programs with developmentally aligned children’s books which serve as the backbone of the intervention, while also supporting the organization’s critical focus on maintaining quality programs through innovative and effective support strategies. The value of Chapin Foundation’s approach to connecting the organization and our medical providers with new community partners in Myrtle Beach has been a vital resource in our local growth. The quality expansion of the Reach Out and Read Myrtle Beach initiative over the past two years demonstrates the desire from the community, medical providers, and city leaders to provide the tools for our children to be successful and lead productive and healthy lifestyles. We would not be able to do that without Chapin Foundation’s multifaceted support of the program.

“Reach Out and Read has had very positive affect through our practice. The children look forward to getting a book. The parents seem to appreciate the interest shown in the development of their children. Our staff love being able to give the children something that will help them succeed in life.”
Daniel Shuler, MD, FAAP Grand Strand Pediatrics, Reach Out & Read Champion

Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand

Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand is proud to partner with The Chapin Foundation for several years.  Without the foundation’s belief in our mission, we would not have been able to serve the at risk and high risk youth and teens in the Myrtle Beach Area, as well as throughout the Grand Strand.  Our after school and summer programs are supported hugely in part by our community and partners like The Chapin Foundation.  Our ability to set higher standards in executing programs with fidelity is what enables us to deliver programs with lasting impact.  Our members receive assistance to help them to achieve academic success, to develop strong character and leadership, gain valuable life skills and become productive and caring citizens of our community.  There is no doubt that the values of The Chapin Foundation align with our values and mission, as they have been with us every step of our 20 year growth and development in the Grand Strand. We look forward to continuing to grow and serve the youth and teens of Horry County with them!


“The Chapin Foundation has been a tremendous partner in our effort to serve at risk and high risk youth in our community while building partnerships with other local agencies and churches. Together, we may implement positive youth initiatives that will mold today’s youth into productive and future leaders of Myrtle Beach!”
Dione Buonto Chief Executive Officer